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Matija Brumen [SI]

Focus: Photography
Born in 1975 in Maribor. Lives and works in Ljubljana.


Periskop, photograph


“ Using visual means, Matija Brumen explores universal themes that bear witness to his attitude towards social reality: he interrogates the meaning and role of cultural identities and their influence on the organisation and shaping of public space. [...] Usually, the emphasis is on marginal phenomena, their subjects or objects that, due to the visual saturation of public space, have become/remained invisible, irrelevant, and all but taken for granted. The audacious centralisation has elevated them to the level of monumental images, portraits or street motifs, hence, with the assistance of aestheticisation and sublimation, they easily manage to change their basic context. Matija Brumen narrates little stories of everyday life, far from the spectacular aspirations of contemporary society.”
Miha Colner, art critic


Container, photograph


Rohr, photograph


Behälter, photograph


Garage, photograph


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