gallery of contemporary art

Marko Pak [SI]

Focus: Sculpture, Objects, Photography, Installation
Born in Maribor in 1971. Lives and works in Maribor.

“Drava stone”, river stone, 40 cm


“ Maribor-based artist and curator Marko Pak explores the formal variations of stones found in rivers, lakes or the sea, and reinterprets them with a different concept, by complementing their natural shapes with sculptural and painterly interventions. The author is, above all, interested in the possibilities of transcribing the formal properties of natural stones into a new record. In the Drava Stones (Dravski kamni) series, Pak continues the tradition of transferring the found or later on chiselled stones from the bed of the river Drava into the exhibition space; however, this time around, he paints them using exclusively the non-chromatic greyness of coloured silicic sand, emphasising the problematique of the relations between light and shadow, life and death, the Earth and the universe.”
Mario Berdič, art critic


“Tempo primo”, acrylic, river sand, canvas, 5 pz 55 x 55 cm


“How many years does a mountain persists before it is washed into rivers and seas?”, wood, pigments, sandstone, 23 x 46 x 46 cm

“Opening the door”, print, pvc canvas, 311 x 233 cm. Photo installation, Jewish Square, Maribor