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Gotthard Schatz [AT]

Focus: Sculpture
Born in Wolfsberg/Carinthia in 1967. Lives and works in Wolfsberg/Carinthia.


“Knochenarbeit”, 30 cm


” A lot of travelling, from Africa to New Guinea, has given Gotthard Schatz the ability to become accustomed to various cultures without reservation, to create a cosmopolitan dimension, which matches the old Moorish saying that recognition of human value depends on one’s willingness to travel.
The sculptor’s respectful analytical treatment of materials like stone and wood is based on the quest for the phenomenon of human existence and it reveals a very pensive attitude.
The author’s actual artistic autonomy touches on various levels of understanding. When he tackles materials, he follows them to the edge of their load capacity; this is best seen when drilling, when he keeps reducing voluminosity until the ideal shape is achieved. Observing his “drilling sculptures”, the viewer starts sensing a tension between giving and taking, between the process of observation and comprehension, particularly when our gaze is changing; three-dimensionality dissolves.”
mag. Igor Pucker, art critic




Detail, stone


Lochkugel, stone


Untitled, stone