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Žiga Rehar [SI]

Focus: Painting
Born in Ljubljana in 1977. Lives and works in Ljubljana.

High resolution is no solution, [Rehar TV], mixed media, diagonal 133 cm


“ When creating his works, Žiga Rehar uses water, one of the four classical elements that the entire universe is based on traditionally. He paints intriguing compositions whose structure is more or less repetitive, only their tone changes. The artist repeats these structures, based on the element of water, in a series of rectangular frames, which he integrates and restricts as if he were quoting the procedure of certain modernists who considered repetition the principle of art. Of special interest are the works in which he places these fluids in the boxes of plasma TVs, signing them at the bottom where the manufacturer’s trademark should be. In the mentioned works, Rehar not only questions the role and the position of the artist, but also criticises and speaks ironically about the contemporary life style, which takes for granted sitting in front of TV sets while resting, with all the attendant alienation that this contemporary habit entails.”
Jasmina Žitnik, art critic


[Rehar TV], mixed media, diagonal 107 cm


[Rehar TV], mixed media, diagonal 52 cm


[Rehar TV], mixed media, diagonal 93 cm