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Mar Vicente [ES]

Fokus: Slikarstvo, objekti, instalacije
Rojena leta 1979 v Lugo, Španija. Živi in dela na Dunaju.


COMPOSICIÓN I, instalacija v Vasarely Museum, Budapest [HU], 2013, barva na steno in platno


“ I see my work as a permanent experiment, the roots of which I find in painting. Its radius of action ranging far beyond the limited canvas. It is my intention to explore new and different ways of staging, the mise-en scène of an artwork. The aim is to examine the physical and conceptual boundaries of painting and to explore at least three views of a work. My work develops from a conventional two-dimensional panel painting and to a three-dimensional picture. When I speak of at least three views of a work, I encourage the viewer to move around, to change position and angle and to explore the pictorial, colour and spatial effects of the works.
To achieve the desired pictorial and spatial effect, I use simple geometric shapes and a reduced colour palette consisting of the primary colours red, yellow and blue, green is added and white serves as a reflective surface for the subtlest of nuances and, using light, shade and colour, transforms the three-dimensional paintings and room installations into a space for movement and perception.
The architectual space becomes an integral part of my work, I still use the frames, but they hang perpendicular to the wall, the space between and the wall itself participate and the colour reflects onto surrounding surfaces. The physical boundary of the frame is not the boundary of the work.”
Mar Vicente


NEUN TEILE, akril na platno, 215 x 215 x 20 cm


Serija BLICKE (III), akril na platno, 40 x 33 x 20 cm


MONOCHROMES COLLECTION VI, les in barva na platno, 40 x 20 x 40 cm


Serija BLICKE (II), akril na platno, 40 x 33 x 20 cm


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